Perfect CVs
& Resumes

With hundreds of applications for most Perth jobs, is your
CV or Resume good enough to get you short-listed?

A great CV or Resume
is your passport
to success

During the mining boom in Perth, jobs were plentiful and those seeking work had the upper hand.
A great CV or Resume was optional. In 2017, getting an interview for most Perth jobs is a tough task,
& a great CV or Resume is mandatory for even the most basic of jobs.

What a Great CV
or Resume Does

A great CV or Resume should be designed to get you an interview. Importantly, it can't get you the job, just a spot on the short-list. Bloated CVs or Resumes don't get read.

Why do I need
professional help?

I worked for over 10 years in recruitment in Perth and have seen all of the mistakes made by even the best qualified applicants. Plus, getting a job is a digital marketing task, and I'm an expert.

Is a great CV or Resume
all I need?

To get an interview in Perth's jobs market, you also need great cover letters that address the job criteria, and a quality Linkedin profile. A consistent online image is crucial as employers' will check you out.

How do we build
a great CV or Resume?

Simply order a gig (button below) and within 24 hours I will contact you by email or phone. We will work together to hone your CV or Resume until you are 100% satisfied. You can then opt for extra services if you need them.